Friday, 18 January 2013

Recent stills

These are ones that I have worked on since January (as all previous work had been completed before Christmas for an earlier hand in of pre-production work. Here I'm looking at using newspaper as a prominent texture, mixed up with plain card and fabrics...

Too much blue...
Good background, look at layout/ mis-en-scene though
Okay background though looks grimy, odd connotations?
Pattern too big and dwarfs the scene and confuses viewer, could try it smalller and darker?
This one looks nice though perhaps gives impression of it being nighttime?
Original felt idea, I like how it looks more homemade and cosy but will this fit with other scenes?
This pattern works well, need to look at having something behind table, like above maybe as it looks a bit bare?
Pretty but doesn't really work.
Interesting faded grey texture, potentially could work
Bit too girly maybe...

Also been looking at 'fake' light i.e. using masks to create paler, yellow light 'beams' without having a proper light there and I think I will use this technique for my final film as it progresses. I've decided the ones that look and work the best are smaller repeated patterns which are dark in colour so I will look at more of these to come up with the final background texture. I also need to bear in mind that all the backgrounds (approx 30) need to be linked in some way so as to seem consistent throughout the film.
I'm thinking of having the backgrounds in black and white / grayscale to tie in with the newspaper and then have the characters in colour... this would be a way of linking the backgrounds.

Other possible links

- consistent colour
- consistent pattern e.g floral
- consistent secondary texture e.g. different patterns laid over the top of a woolly fabric each time

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