Monday, 10 January 2011

Character development

So I had a go at some character development after we did a few classes on storyboarding and creating characters in uni...Quite like the angular fox and how it still manages to look somewhat friendly yet mischievious despite all the triangle shapes!?

I don't feel the chicken works as well as its not as quirky/original as the fox perhaps but I think it fits well the shape-wise. I tried out some front-views for the fox but decided these wouldn't fit with the style I wanted so the fox will essentially have the same head profile side-on and front-on... if that makes sense. I'll put it into the storyboard so its more obvious.

The Characters

Freddie is a young male fox approximately 3 years old. Freddie does not actively hunt other animals for fun, instead enjoying swimming in nearby rivers. He has no real home but lives comfortably.

Clemence is an older male chicken/rooster approximately 4 years old.
Clemence tries to resist doing things that are dangerous or not perfectly right but he is easily persuaded. He lives in a very pleasant coop with many other chickens and is quite popular.

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