Monday, 17 January 2011


Using the characters I created below I have made a storyboard. Its set entirely in the location of a small rural forest where Freddie lives, with a farm on the edge where Clemence and friends are housed. The characters are personified versions of animals that cannot speak particularly but converse with each other through noises and gesticulations.

The story starts with Freddie frolicking in the autumnal leaves and playing about but gradually he grows bored of this. An apple dropping from a tree provides another means of entertainment but he soon realises it would be more fun with another player. He sees Clemence and a friend in their pen and decides to see if they will play. After some encouraging they agree and play happily for a while. As Freddie grows hungry he begins to contemplate his options and Clemence could be one of them!

Possible plot extensions
Freddie's actions in the story are almost a surprise to him and perhaps this could lead to a feeling of shame. The impression is given that Freddie and Clemence know each other previously and get along well. The other chickens might gang up on Freddie after this 'horiffic' act he has done.

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